We have such a vibrant voluntary sector in Bromley, with hundreds of groups doing fantastic work. We are delighted to be a partner in supporting the Bromley Community Fund, to help increase the resources available for these organisations.


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For Bromley projects seeking grant funding, please visit us here to see the funding currently available

The Story So Far...


The Work of Bromley Community Fund

There are over 400 active registered charities in Bromley and thousands more community projects which are not registered.

From riding for the disabled to youth projects helping to build the self esteem of troubled teenagers, to lunch clubs for the elderly... all of these groups achieve tremendous amounts on often very small amounts of funding. In any community, many needs are hidden from view, with a great deal of vital work being undertaken by smaller, less well-known groups.  It can be difficult to find out about community projects that need support, and for those emerging groups to find out about funding opportunities.

Bromley Community Fund is a charitable initiative established to provide a new and sustainable source of funding to support community and voluntary groups in the borough.

We are dedicated to strengthening local communities and tackling disadvantage and exclusion.  Whilst Bromley is one of the least deprived London Boroughs overall, there are pockets of severe deprivation and people in need, and we believe the BCF can help to tackle these issues at a local level.


Who Benefits?

We recognise the important work of all charities and community groups in Bromley and will consider all organisations which work for the benefit of the Borough’s residents.  Our funding is limited however and to maximise our impact, we will give priority to the following areas:


We've recently funded:


Westmeria Counselling Services £2,640.00 To cover staff and volunteer costs enabling a weekly group therapy session for up to 45 people suffering with mental health difficulties for a year.
Bromley Mencap £2,701.00 To cover staff, office and volunteer costs to enable 30 carers age 55+ to attend a monthly workshop lunch club for one year.
Bromley Children and Families Voluntary Sector Forum £2,500.00 To contribute towards the costs of a development worker, administration and office expenses and training costs, to support 250 groups working with children and families in Bromley.
Kick London £3,000.00 To contribute towards the costs of a mentor to deliver 1-1 mentoring sessions for half a day, five days a week, for 30 weeks for 24 hard to reach young people.
Orpington Football Club £3,000.00 To cover coach costs, additional training for coaches and pitch hire enabling 30 football sessions for up to 30 young people with learning difficulties.
Bromley Green Gym £642.00 To enable 37 people with mental health difficulties, learning disabilities and those who are unemployed to create a new woodland walkway at the Bromley Green Gym site.
Living Well Bromley £2,995.00 To cover the costs of community meals for 75 people weekly for one year for homeless people, ex-offenders, and people with mental health problems and learning difficulties.
Age Concern Ravensbourne (Bertha James Day Centre) £3,000 Support services for low income and deprived chinese families in Petts Wood.